What should I do to add my photos to the Staff Picks, or to have it feature on Litmind's Instagram feed?

We curate the photos we like the most from the ones that users upload to their portfolios, and we add them to our Staff Picks, and some of them also to our Instagram.

How do I get one of my photos Staff-picked? Well, we don't really know, either! How to know when and why inspiration strikes? When someone in our staff finds a photo they love, boom, staff picked! That's how it works.

Here are some recommendations to improve your chances at being Staff Picked:

  • Sometimes we would like to staff pick certain photos but we can't because they are framed, include borders or overlaid texts. We don't normally staff pick this kind of photos because they wouldn't fit nicely with the design of our Staff Picks mosaic, or our Instagram feed.
  • Sometimes we can't staff pick certain photos we loved for our Instagram because they might not fulfill Instagram's terms of use, for example, the terms related to nudity, even when the photos are ever so slightly erotic.
  • Having a paid membership or not does not affect our selection, really! If we fall in love with a photo, that's it, we don't look any further!
  • We also staff pick fashion films, bear that in mind!
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