Who can see my lightboxes?

When you create a lightbox you can set it up as public or private.

Everybody can see your public lightboxes, and they might also appear in the lightboxes section. When you add, for example, a photo to one of your public lightboxes, the user who uploaded that photo gets a notification where they can see who added their photo. The same happens if you add anything else to one of your public lightboxes, like a user's profile. They get notified.

On the contrary, if you created a private lightbox, only you will be able to see it, and it won't appear anywhere publicly on Litmind. Also, when you add things to one of your private lightboxes, the users are not notified. You can add photos, profiles and anything else to your private lightboxes and the users won't ever know.

If you've already create some lightboxes, you can configure them to be private or public in the "Lightboxes" section of your account's main menu.

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