How do the stars work?

The stars appear automatically in the profiles when a minimum number of opinions and votes from other users have been received.

The stars are automatically calculated in the same way for all the members. To do so, we only use the votes received by the member when a new opinion is written.

How are the stars calculated? It's easy: The other members can also vote you from zero to five when writing an opinion about you. If you receive lots of "fives", you'll get five stars. If you receive some low votes, you'll start to lose stars. If almost all of your received votes are "fives", you'll get five golden stars.

The stars in your profile only appear when you've already received a minimum number of opinions with votes. This way, the stars are more reliable.

The stars in the member profiles does not change inmediately after a new received vote or opinion: It can take up to 15 days for this vote to change the stars in the profile.

Why my stars have changed?
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