How does the option to hide your public profile to search engines work?

The Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others are sniffing by its own all the web pages on the Internet continuously to know what they contain. This way, they are able to offer accurate search results when someone searches something on the web. This operation can't be avoided most of the times, and we can say that any page appearing on the Internet would be indexed by search engines sooner or later, and will appear in search results at some point.

This functionality is completely out of Litmind's systems, and since we cannot control it, we do not take any responsability on this.

Fortunately, there are some search engines (Google is one of them) that have created a mechanism to let some pages disappear from their search results. This mechanism is based on the inclusion of certain "META" headers in your profile that inform the search engines to not index your profile.

In the configuration section of your account you can deactivate the option to let your page be indexed by search engines. By doing this, Litmind will include the "don't index this page" in your profile page. This way, the search engines respecting this mechanism will delete the links to your public profile from its search results. Most search engines will take up to many weeks to completely delete a link from its databases, and since not all the search engines are respecting this functionality, there's no complete certainty about all of them deleting the link from its search results.

If you want to delete completely your profile from search engines, and being certain about it, you must completely cancel your account.

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