How do we uses cookies?

Cookies aren't bad, companies using cookies for dubious purposes are

We use cookies to bring you a private and secure access to your data, like the data in your profile and your private messages. This also allows us to gather statistics about, for example, which sections in our website are most visited, or how many visits a certain profile has received. We never share none of this data with anyone.

Cookies are a mechanism created so web pages like ours can bring you their service and identify you securely. Without cookies, websites where you're able to signup and login simply wouldn't exist. Cookies aren't bad, but they can be used for dubious purposes, likes monitoring your activity through the pages you browse to learn about your habits, your tastes and the thinks you like so they can show you customized advertising. We don't do any of this.

We use some of the tools created by Google that allow us to provide you our services securely and adequately, like Google Maps, which we use in our Locations section, or Youtube and Vimeo, when we show in our pages a video that has been uploaded to those platforms.

Whenever we use some of this Google tools in one of our pages, Google also sends you their own cookies, so you should also understand the Google's privacy policy regarding cookies. Also, you'll find here information about how Google uses their own cookies.

You can set up the cookies you want to receive and the ones you don't want using the "Configure my cookies" option in the main menu.

Take a look at our Terms of use, and our complete privacy policy to obtain more information and learn how we take care of your data.

We use cookies respectfully