Share your photographic adventures

Post a slide to share your photographic adventures with your followers. A making-of, a mad creative idea or anything else.

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Shine is the Litmind blog where we showcase extraordinary and fascinating photography projects and we talk about fashion photography.

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Share your photographic adventures
Post a slide to share your photographic adventures with your followers. A making-of, a mad creative idea or anything else.
Retro wave
with Alexander Sudin
Export your lightboxes to PDF
Send moodboards or model selections to your clients or to your team, or print them.
What if there was a version of Litmind for the film industry?
We're launching Starring, the new platform for actors, artists, producers and technicians of the film industry.
Statistics about your Litmind profile
Discover how many times your photos were seen, who liked them, click counts, visits, views and much more.
Connecting professional photographers with clients
Litmind connects clients with professional and passionate photographers, and they receive custom quotations without any commissions.
Publish your work in fashion magazines
Inspire the world, push the limits of fashion photography and supercharge your artist career, now you can submit your work to be published in fashion magazines with Litmind.
Travel notices
When you're going to travel, publish a travel notice so photographers there will be notified
Bye bye banners
Banners are ugly, and Litmind is about beauty. So we got rid of them.
Show the before & after of your photos
Showcase your true talent by uploading photos that allow the viewer to reveal the before & after of your digital retouch
Litmind for iOs and Android
Discover the app that lets you plan, produce and promote your fashion shootings, or join castings and launch your career
The lightboxes
Compile profiles or photos by saving them into lightboxes, download your moodboards in PDF, print them or share them with your client or your team
Commercial jobs disguised as TFP
In a TFP collaboration job, the photographer, the models, the stylists and the assistants are working completely free of charge. When someone earns money in a TFP, something doesn't adds up.
Video has arrived to Litmind
Lots of photographers are already creating artworks in movement, the line between photo and video is becoming thinner. If you're one of them, Litmind is up to the challenge!
Tips for organizing a photo-shoot
You'll find plenty of tools on Litmind to organize your professional or collaboration photo projects from start to finish. Make the most out of them with this tricks.
The advanced folders
Bring your portfolio to the next level with editorials, campaigns and collections; tag clients, brands, clothes and much more
Discover new users near you
Be the first to discover the users near you that have just created their profile
She's Electric
A high-octane night ride starring a vamped-up Alana Zimmer in Santiago and Mauricio Sierra's latest fashion film
High-definition fullscreen portfolios
Litmind is ready for high definition screens like the "Retina" displays from Apple, 4k and 5k screens and high resolution mobile screens; you'll love to discover how crisp your photos look in one of those
Fashion film by Charlie Wan
Fashion cinemagraphs
Photos coming alive, a format between the static image and the short film
Template documents for TFP shootings and commercial jobs
Download ready-to-use template documents for your TFP shootings or commercial photography projects
Guide to a good TFP
How to do TFP works on which all the people involved get rewarded, and how to create great connections with your team (in spanish)
How to start if you don't have photos
Holiday photos, travel photos or personal photos are not the best options for your model profile, learn here how to do your first basic model photos.

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